Thursday, December 2, 2010

Style: 2011 Must Have Gift Guide

As we’ve been preparing for the holidays, the Mod City Moms have been a little slow to post. Because we understand that we’re not the only ones short on time, we’ve compiled our annual gift giving guide to make this year’s shopping both trouble-free and delightfully original. Our 2011 suggestions are fifty bucks or less, specialize in home delivery, and offer one-of-a-kind treasures. Dress, Display, Devour!

Campfire Gifts Inc.: We first encountered Campfire Gifts during our annual Renegade Craft Fair pilgrimage. Their table, always bombarded with buyers, is a fair favorite. These graphic designers combine tasteful typography with hometown pride. Choose your favorite city or state and you’re guaranteed to find a Campfire tee that expresses your territorial bias with punch and pizzazz. Details:

Dika.B: The Brazilian handbag designer, Drika.B, creates a series of fanciful clutches—each one utterly unique. Now located in California, her architectural training and Brazilian heritage continue to inspire her designs and are guaranteed to inspire your wardrobe. Details:

Go Dotty Go!: These hand hotties are sure to warm hands on the coldest of winter days. Handmade from recycled wool sweaters, they are beautifully crafted, wonderfully colorful, and extremely warm. Better yet, send your old sweater to Laura and Claudia and they will craft you a pair of playful gloves to cherish. Details: or email

The Knitting Parlor: Scarves have been all the rage the last couple of years and the infinity scarf is hot on everyone’s wish list. Check out the Knitting Parlor for handmade beauties in rich, vibrant colors. Details:

Laura Tanner Jewelry: Jewelry designer, Laura Tanner Swinand, creates delicately striking handmade jewelry. Each earring, necklace, and bracelet is so smartly designed, you can sport ‘em by day or bedazzle by night. Details:

Bauer Pottery: Earlier this year, we wrote about Bauer Pottery’s Russel Wright designs. What we didn’t write about specifically was their deliciously affordable serving dishes. Available in multiple, vivid colors, these simply modern designs remain almost as affordable today as they were when they were unveiled in the 1930s. Details: and

Ferm Living: British Company Ferm Living makes assorted wall decals so whimsical that they could easily be considered art. Decals come in all shapes and sizes—birds on wire, cassette tapes, and the periodic table. And what child doesn’t need a cuddle buddy? Ferm Living’s robot pillow comes in two sizes, both under fifty dollars. Details:

Fishs Eddy: Always a Mod City Mom favorite, Fishs Eddy has hundreds of gifts including eclectic ceramic hands, hand-painted European wine glasses, one-of-a-kind hand towels, and a handsome jade juicer. Gifts come in a Fishs Eddy gift box, free of charge—now, how handy is that? Details:

Nikki McClure: Nikki McClure creates hauntingly beautiful paper cuts. Delicate and contemplative, her work boldly depicts the cycles of life—toil, celebration, communion. Although we may not be able to afford her originals, almost anyone can afford her prints. For only $9, own a beautifully thoughtful Nikki McClure of your own. Details: and

Brooklyn Pork Store: Landi’s Pork Store in Brooklyn offers old-fashioned, homemade Italian favorites at throw-back prices. Choose from hand-rolled pasta, fresh sauces, or the house Italian sausage. Details:

Iron Horse: California’s wine country isn’t traditionally known for its sparkling wines, but Sonoma’s family-run Iron Horse has been challenging that reputation for over 25 years. Whether a fashionable Brut Rosé or a romantic Wedding Cuvée, Iron Horse bubbles are forever romantic, always celebratory, and dangerously drinkable. Details:

Jeni’s Ice Cream: After repeatedly reading about Jeni Britton Bauer’s Ohio ice cream, we finally had to try it for ourselves. Jeni’s handcrafted creations are so good, she even managed to turn our savory-centric palates into ice cream-craving machines. Whether you choose Salty Carmel, Queen City Cayenne, Pistachio and Honey, or some other devilishly delicious combination, Jeni’s is sure to please. Details:

Spottswoode Winery: The gift of wine is something that every foodie appreciates but with so many to options, it is sometimes hard to choose. Spottswoode Winery produces beautiful Cabernets using environmentally sensitive practices in all aspects of their grape production. Give the wine lover in your life a great gift while giving back to the earth at the same time. Details:


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