Saturday, June 13, 2009

Style: Immortalize and Personalize with Barbara Pollak

Barbara Pollak has gained recognition for her illustrations. Not until more recently, however, has she expanded her talents to include project commissions. Who knew? I found out by reading an old edition of ReadyMade. Thumbing through the advertising pages, I caught a glimpse of a 2” x 3.5” ad that included the ever-familiar Pollack-signature work: “Working with your ideas, Barbara will create an original portrait of your family or friends in a unique setting of your choosing.” After reading that, how could I resist?!

I worked directly with Barbara for four weeks. Although, at the time, I was situated in the 3rd Coast and she, on the Pacific Coast, we were able to easily work together to create a satisfying project for us both. After sending her a few family pictures and capturing our shared-hobbies in a simple e-mail, I was forwarded my first proof within the first week. I received the final product in time to frame, wrap, and place it under the tree with days to spare. (Later, she even made our very-cool Mod City Mom logo. We love Barbara!)

If you happen to be gifted with a bonus check or an extra large tip and want to document a special person or event in an over-the-top personalized way, e-mail Barbara. Your original Pollak will be sure to accurately showcase your mug, turn heads, and, ultimately, improve your walls. Details:

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Obsession: ReadyMade Online

I've been reading ReadyMade ever since it hit the shelves. Although I can sometimes be a little DIY challenged, ReadyMade has always been at the ready to inspire ideas and stir the senses for a little home-spun fun. Now, with ReadyMade online, it's easy to peruse their archives whenever and wherever the spirit leads. Whether you want to "eat it," "build it," or "sew it," ReadyMade online provides all the necessary "instructions for every day life." Details:

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adventure LA: Down Home Comfort at Baby Blues BBQ

Recently, my sons and I had some unexpected time to kill around LAX. Since we weren’t in the mood to browse the pawn ships, peruse the triple-xxx stores, or dare to actually eat at a Jack in the Box, we decided to take a short jaunt north to Venice. Because my schedule is usually ruled by my boys’ stomachs, our little escapade was cut shorter than expected. Instead of finding our final destination, we made a quick stop at Baby Blues BBQ, an unassuming little dive on the corner of Lincoln and Rose.

I’ll be the first to admit that the idea of barbecue in LA seems a bit of an oxymoron and stopping at an untried restaurant in an unknown territory seems a bit of a gamble. But from the first moment we caught a whiff of those roasted meats, Baby Blues, coyly sitting amongst the tattoo parlors and chopper shops, seemed like the perfect stop to satisfy our hunger.

Between the three of us, we were able to try the ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork, all of which were lathered into a tenderly succulent perfection. These meaty main events were accompanied by a variety of house-made barbecue sauces (XXX or sweet); over a dozen sides (ranging from mac n’ cheese to creamed spinach); a cheap, ice-cold beer selection (including a bucket o’ PBRs); and homemade desserts (banana pudding, anyone?). Although the three of us didn’t storm in on a Harley or sport any tat sleeves, Baby Blues and their more-than-comforting food made us feel satisfyingly right at home. Details:

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Obsession: The Barbecue! Bible

My sister and her husband have been using Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible for years. So, when my mom bought my husband his own copy for his birthday, we were excited to get started. Raichlen's tome features beautifully colored pictures, helpful Q&As, and over 500 live-fire recipes for meat, seafood, veggies, and desserts. Also included are tips and tricks for making sides, sauces, and rubs. With the grill season fast approaching, The Barbecue! Bible will supply all your ideas for a summer of finger-lickin' el fresco dining.

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