Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Style: It's Your Turn to Design with Remodelista

Mod City Mom attended the 2010 Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles. With over 200 vendors represented, Dwell does a great job of sifting through potential companies and only inviting the vendors who appeal to their Dwell readership. Focus areas include furniture, accessories, kitchen and bath, outdoor spaces, and building materials. As I was floating through the exhibition space, I felt so fortunate to be a part of this event—I wanted to share every little tidbit with our fans. Because only a few of us live in close proximity to the annual Dwell on Design event, have the time to weed through magazines, or the stamina to search the web for interesting design, there must be some way for everyone to collect this information as easy as it was for me on this Dwell-infused day. That’s when I, serendipitously, stumbled upon Remodelista—the online version of the Dwell on Design event.

Remodelista offers an online sourcebook for style and design. They spend countless hours browsing the web, design shops, and publications so you don’t have to—it’s the easiest way to “get inspired” since attending a design show of your very own. The site organizes information by design category. Steal This Look showcases rooms finished by top designers and provides links to the furniture, hardware, and accessories that are displayed. Prices and product details are all included. The 10 Easy Pieces section offers Remodelista’s top ten picks by category—from small kitchen appliances to wooden coffee tables to architect-designed flatware.

Design offerings range from high to low, cheap to expensive. Keep track of your favorites by using the My Design Files feature or access your picks by downloading the Remodelista app. Whether you sit on the precipice of a big design project or are just looking to replace an outdated item, Remodelista points you in the right direction. Details: www.remodelista.com

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventure San Francisco: Golden Boy Pizza, a Gold Medal Find

Although there's a wealth of food options for San Francisco visitors, it often feels like your bank account should match the wealth. By the end of a vacation, eating in San Fran can make a real dent in your pocket book. Although we always bookend our visits with a couple of nice dining experiences, it's important to incorporate some relaxed culinary adventures into any family vacation. The answer when visiting the Golden City? Golden Boy Pizza in San Francisco’s North Beach.

This pizza joint, established in the 70s, is untouched by time. It remains the perfect place to pull up a stool, drink an ice cold beer, and grab a slice (or two) of the perfect Sicilian pizza, baked warm and fresh right in front of you. The simple, no-nonsense menu offers slices of the classic pepperoni or sausage, a pesto veggie, or a garlic clam, each perfect in its own way.

The first time we visited San Fran, our dear friends tipped us off to this hole-in-the-wall gem that's so incredibly easy to miss. Now it's Mod City Mom's turn to tip you off: Golden Boy is cheap, comfortable, and offers up a little piece of heaven on a plate every time. Don't miss it! Details: www.goldenboypizza.com

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gastronomy: Love Life with a Little Carbonara

Sometime last year, while reading Michael Ruhlman’s blog, I was inspired. His article entitled simply “Carbonara” was about taking time out to have a meal and a glass of wine with his wife. I am sure you can relate: The conversations with your partner that were once about things you enjoyed have been replaced with logistics—a list of commitments, home maintenance, and child care schedules (a.k.a., the honey do list).

Ruhlman and his wife both work from home—he’s a chef and she’s a food photographer. His solution to “catching up” is to make lunch for his wife so they were able to partake in adult conversation over food and a good glass of wine. That particular day he made Carbonara.

Like most people, my husband does not have the luxury of working from home. And after taking care of the household tasks, children, and maybe squeezing in the occasional shower, the thought of cooking an easy meal seems overwhelming. Having an adult conversation seems almost lavish. However, we do have our weekend evenings, a heat lamp, and occasionally can escape to a good home-cooked meal and a glass of wine.

My version of Carbonara—spaghetti, thick cut bacon, eggs, cream, Parmesan, and Italian parsley is the ideal dish for this occasion or the simple weekday meal. When you have the chance, take an evening, cook an easy, mouthwatering pasta dish, and reconnect. You will find yourself in a state of contentment that you have not felt in long time and may be surprised how connected a good meal can make you feel. Sometimes as parents, we forget who we are as a couple. Cook a great dish, drink more wine, and most of all, love your life.


1/2 lb pancetta chopped or thick-cut bacon
2 T extra-virgin olive oil

2 large egg yokes
1/4 c heavy cream
1/2 c freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, plus 1/8 c extra for the top
Black pepper, ground fresh from the mill

3 T chopped parsley
1 lb spaghetti

In a large, pot boil water for pasta. Place pancetta or bacon into the pan and cook until crisp at the edges; turn off heat. Separate two eggs yokes and place into a large serving bowl. Beat with a fork. Add 1/2 c Parmesan and heavy cream. Mix well. Add cooked, drained spaghetti and olive oil to the bowl; toss, coating the strands well. 
 Add a liberal amount of fresh ground pepper and 2 T parsley. Add pancetta and toss again. Top with final T of parsley and 1/8 c reserved Parmesan. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.

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